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  Stainless Steel Key Locking Threaded Inserts in stock
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 1 minutę temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

Key Locking  Inserts  Description:
Metric Heavy Duty Key Locking Threaded Inserts
Key Locking Threaded Insert
Stainless Steel Key Locking Inserts
Carbon Steel Key Locking Threaded Inserts
Key Locking Thread Inserts are used in structural assemblies, such as castings and machined components .Thread inserts are used to repair stripped, damaged and worn threads or to provide thread reinforcement in a weaker parent material.  Key Locking Thread Inserts provide strong, permanent threads in virtually any material.  The insert's locking keys are driven down into the tapped threads of the parent material during installation creating a positive mechanical lock that prevents rotation due to vibration or torsion.
Key Locking Thread Inserts are available in carbon or stainless steel, both in inch and metric series. Thin Wall, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, and Solid insert styles are available separately or in kits containing a range of sizes. Installation tools are also available separately or in a range kit.
Key Locking Threaded Inserts  Features:
• Easy installation and removal
• Keys supply a positive mechanical lock against rotation
• Solid, one-piece insert construction provides a high degree of pull-out strength
Material: Inserts Carbon Steel - C1215 or equivalent
   Stainless Steel - 303 or equivalent
Keys 302 CRES or equivalanet
Finish: Carbon Steel - Zinc Phosphate
Stainless Steel - Passivated
Tolerances: ±.25 mm unless specified otherwise
Dimensions: All dimensions below are in millimeters
Keys: Inserts with an internal thread size of M 7and larger have 4 locking keys. Smaller sizes have 2 locking keys.
Metric Key locking Inserts- Heavy Duty
Part Number Carbon SteelPart Number Stainless SteelInsertInstallation
Internal Thread Class 6HExternal Thread Class 6gLength LTap Drill SizeC'sink DiameterThread Tap
Size Class 6hMin.Depth
2596326363M 4x0.7M 8x1.2586.98.25M 8x1.259.5
2596426364M 5x0.8M 10x1.25108.810.25M 10x1.2512.5
2596526365M 6x1.0M 12x1.251210.812.25M 12x1.2514.5
2596626366M 8x1.25M 14x1.51412.814.25M 14x1.516.5
2616626566M 8x1.0M 14x1.51412.814.25M 14x1.516.5
2596726367M 10x1.5M 16x1.51614.7516.25M 16x1.518.5
2616726567M 10x1.25M 16x1.51614.7516.25M 16x1.518.5
2596926369M 12x1.75M 18x1.51816.7518.25M 18x1.520.5
2616926569M 12x1.25M 18x1.51816.7518.25M 18x1.520.5
2597026370M 14x2.0M 20x1.52018.7520.25M 20x1.522.5
2617026570M 14x1.5M 20x1.52018.7520.25M 20x1.522.5
2597126371M 16x2.0M 22x1.52220.522.25M 22x1.524.5
2617126571M 16x1.5M 22x1.52220.522.25M 22x1.524.5
2617226572M 18x1.5M 24x1.52422.524.25M 24x1.526.5
2597326373M 20x2.5M 30x2.0302830.25M 30x2.034.5
2617326573M 20x1.5M 30x2.0302830.25M 30x2.034.5
2617426574M 22x1.5M 32x2.0323032.25M 32x2.036.5
2597526375M 24x3.0M 33x2.0333133.25M 33x2.037.5
2617526575M 24x2.0M 33x2.0333133.25M 33x2.037.5
Metric Key locking Inserts- Thin Wall
Part NumberInsertInstallation
Carbon SteelStainless SteelInternal Thread Class 6HExternal Thread Class 6gLength LTap Drill SizeC’sink Dia.Thread Tap
Size Class 6hMin. Depth
2595126351M 5x0.8M 8x1.2586.98.25M 8x1.259.5
2595226352M 6x1.0M 10x1.25108.810.25M 10x1.2511.5
2595326353M 8x1.25M 12x1.251210.812.25M 12x1.2513.5
2615326553M 8x1.0M 12x1.251210.812.25M 12x1.2513.5
2595526355M 10x1.5M 14x1.51412.814.25M 14x1.515.5
2615526555M 10x1.25M 14x1.51412.814.25M 14x1.515.5
2595626356M 12x1.75M 16x1.51614.7516.25M 16x1.517.5
2615626556M 12x1.25M 16x1.51614.7516.25M 16x1.517.5
Welcome to buy the metric heavy duty key locking threaded inserts in stock from our factory. As one of the leading threaded inserts manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of the high quality of our products made in China.Stainless Steel Key Locking Threaded Inserts in stock

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  Galvanized Shackles Made in China
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 2 minut(y) temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

Supplying you with forged d shackle g210 g2150 price and quotation consultation, CHANGJIANG is welcoming you to buy its customized forged d shackle g210 g2150 made in China.
D Shackle
Commodity name: Drop Forged D Shackle
Usage: Lifting and connecting, Wire rope fittings, Chain fittings, Marine hardware fittings
Material:Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel 304 or 316
Main standard:US type G210,G2130,G2150,Europe Dee & Bow type, JIS Dee & Bow type,     Plate shackle
Finish:Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electro Galvanized, Color Painted, High polished, Mirror Polished
TechnologyDuży uśmiechrop forged, Precision Casting
MBS:6 times WLL or 4 times WLL
Business type: ManufacturerGalvanized Shackles Made in China

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  Chinese pay loader
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 4 minut(y) temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

Chinese pay loader

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  Mill Grinder Machine
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 6 minut(y) temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

Production Capacity: 8-9 t/h
Power (kw): 380 KW
Cement Ball Mill is the key equipment for grinding after materials are crushed. It is widely used in the grinding of materials and finished products in the cement plant and in grinding of various ores in chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, cement, refractory, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal industries and glass ceramics industry.
The cement ball mill is a horizontal cylindrical rotation device, driven by brim gearwheel. It is composed of the feeding part, supporting part, discharging part, rotating part, transmission part and  the lubrication and cooling part. There are two chambers and grid. Materials goes into the first chamber through the feeding port. Inside the first chamber, there are ladder liners or corrugated liners as well as steel balls. The shell rotates to bring balls to a certain height and then balls drop down by gravity. The impact force and the grinding force grinds the materials. After the primary grinding, materials go into the second chamber through the separation screen for secondary grindin.  In the second chamber, there are flat liners and steel balls. After the secondary grinding, material is discharged from the discharging port.
1) Strong suitability and stability
2) Continuous operation, easy to adjust the speed, adjustable fineness, high size reduction ratio
3) Imrpove the production capacity by 15-20% and reduce the energy consumption by 10% compared to the common mill machines
4) The rotary gears are casted and machined by hobbing
5) cast steel hollow shaft, replaceable liners
6) The drum is set with wear-resistant liner, with good wear resistance
> Technical Data
Model (m)Production Capacity (t/h)Ball Mill FormDrive FormPower (kw)ReducerWeight (t)Note
ModelSpeed Ratio
2.2*7m8-9Open flowfringe380ZD70554
2.2*7.5m10-11Open flowfringe380ZD70563
2.2*8m10-12Open flowfringe380ZD70565
2.2*9.5m14-16Open flowfringe475ZD70570
2.4 *10m18-19Open flowfringe630JR755.6494.5
2.4*11m19-21Open flowfringe630RZD806.399.2
2.4*13m21-23Open flowfringe800MBY7107.1115.2
2.6*13m28-32Open flowfringe1000MBY8007.1148
2.6*13m28-32Open flowfringe1000MFY10019.5101.73(without motor)
3*12m32-35Open flowfringe1250MBY9007.1168.6
3*13m34-37Open flowfringe1400MBY9007.1172.26
3.2*13m45-50Open flowfringe1600MBY10007.1196.26
3.8*13m60-62Open flowcenter2500MFY25016.5204(without motor)
4.2*13m85-87Open flowcenter3530JQS355016.5254(without motor)Mill Grinder Machine

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  Customized Thick Peva Liners
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 7 minut(y) temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

H&X Electonic Co.,Ltd is built in the year 2010 which is based on Dongguan Fenggang Hongxin Bag factory.
Our factory has been built for more than 10 years with the solid experiences of all kinds of electronic accessories, especially on all all kinds of cases and bags. Now we are mainly providing a fully chain of the accessories for iPod, iPhone, PDA, digital camera, laptop and other portable devices.
Now our clients have already stretched into different corners of the world. Main customers are from Japan, USA, Germany, UK, Spain, France and etc. With our heart to deliver the best products and services at the most favorable price to our customers, we are confident that we will be able to further develop our markets in the near future.
Our sincerity to quality and cost control, our determination to deliver the best service to customers has already proved our ability to be a potential partner for mutual beneficial relationship.Customized Thick Peva Liners

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  buy Orthopedic
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 8 minut(y) temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

Use a woven stockinette under casts and splints to increase patient comfort, secure bandages in place, decrease the risk of pressure sores and skin maceration, or add a layer of anti-microbial and odor-reducing protection. The soft cotton weave is breathable and stretches easily over the affected anatomy, bandages, and dressings. Available in a variety of sizes, the stockinet can be used on either the torso or extremities, providing an appropriate amount of compression without causing discomfort.
Product benefit:
1.Softness, comfort and easy to apply
2.Protect skin from friction under plaster casts
3.Helps to protect bedding and clothing from dermatological preparations
4.Quality and quantity Stability, and Price reasonable
H2- TB2"  Stockinette2" width1 Roll/BOX
H3- TB3"  Stockinette3" width1 Roll/BOX
H4- TB4"  Stockinette4" width1 Roll/BOX
H6- TB6"  Stockinette6" width1 Roll/BOX
H8- TB8"  Stockinette8" width1 Roll/BOX
H10-TB10" Stockinette10" width1 Roll/BOX
Anji fang yuan sanitary material co.,ltd has over two decades experience in manufacturing stockinette and offering medical supplies service, which is one of the most credible manufacturers and suppliers of medical supplies. You are welcomed to buy or wholesale stockinette in bulk with our factory.buy Orthopedic

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  conductive wheel manufacturers
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 10 minut(y) temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

Brief Introduction Of HLX
Huixing Hitech Co.,Ltd.(in the preparatory)located in the city which is crowned as the world factory- Dongguan city. With a coverage area of 20000㎡. We are a national level new high-tech enterprise .interact R&D, manufacturing ,Marketing,customer services as a whole with the rapid development of 17 Years. Within the year of 2014 our sales volume reached 100 million yuan.With the sound provincial economy development. In 2015 our gross business turnover was 150 million Yuan .An 50 million yuan increase from last year.
HLX provide comprehensively and professional solutions to advanced intelligent equipments industry.specialized installation and debugging services.Dedicated ourselves to intelligent equipments industry and spare no efforts to make ourselves to become the top supplier in providing solutions for automation project.Over the past ten years HLX already enjoyed the majority market of automation equipments and automation accessories.
We have subsidiaries all over China:kunshan,Chongqing,Xiamen,wuhan,Ningbo,shenzhen. Whole automation equipment from products formed ,assemble,conveying,packaging and logistics conveying.Meanwhile we also aimed at these industry area:home appliance,ceramic toilets products, Furniture kitchen ware, logistics conveyor,electric power and equipment, vehicle, medicine and food, Packaging etc.
Our products can be divide into two categories:intelligent automated equipments and accessories. Automatic production line equipments, intelligent robots, full automatic assembly line, robotization assembly line.Accessories mainly contains intelligent industry related industrial parts.With a full range of them At least 3000 kinds .One-stop services for our distinguished clients.
On top of that we have passed ISO9001:2008 ,CE certificates,TUV, and SGS.We firmly believe openness basing on sincerity.Quality is uppermost. Already enjoyed a ready market And world-wide fame both home and abroad.
We have established business relations with Foxconn、GM、Panasonic、SANYO、CIMC、Gree、Midea、Hisense、HTC etc.We supply the high-efficiently and reliable automated system and accessories to all of them.For international cooperation we have achieve the strategic cooperative partnership with SAC 、BA-Corp、ASfan and We take the advantage of our superior technology in some emerging countries (southeast Asia and southAmerica)and founded Asia operating center.Further enlarging the market share in Inida、Vietnam、Thailand、new Zealand and other countries and regions.
In order to speed up the development of science and Technology.We developed some new technology 、new equipments and latest products which owned proprietary intellectual property rights.Besides HLX obtained a series of scientific research achievements by virtue of the project named university-industry cooperation together with Dongguan university of technology、jiangxi university of Technology and other institutions.
By the end of 2015 HLX participate in the drafting of CNS. Applied for more than 30 patents. 4 Patents for invention .14 patents utility model patent.Besides 4 patents are in the process of approval examine and verify.
In the last few years .HLX grown as the national level high-tech enterprise, Reserved enterprise for come into the market、national 4 A standardization good behavior enterprise.2015 Top ten growing enterprise.The Chinese quality services prestige 3A enterprise And other amazing honor.
In the long run HLX will Attach more importance to industry 4.0.Focus more on R&D of intelligent workshop and project For intelligent factory.Devote ourselves to the market both home and abroad.At the same time We are eager to establish business relations with other foreign customers to meet the global challenge. In the field of technology and market. Last but not least we will do all we can to create a win-win situation and Strive for being the No 1 in this line.conductive wheel manufacturers

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  movement toys suppliers China
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 11 minut(y) temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

Fuying Toys Factory was established in Shenzhen,China in 1993 which specializes in producing stuffed toys, plush toys, movement toys and baby products and garments, handbags, kid’s garment, shoes&hats and computer embroidery.
With total site area of over 8,000 Sq. Meters, our factory is also well-equipped with 15 computerized embroidery machines "Tajima" which are imported from Japan, cutting machines, 150 sewing machines, stuffing machines, metal detectors and others related facilities.
We have an advanced set of management system and quality control procedure. Our team own experienced manager and designers and over 300 trained workers to offer the high quality and reasonable price products with best service. Our products are sold to Asia, Europe and America .
Among its well-known customers are Disney, Enesco LLC , Gund, Marks & Spencer, Avon etc
We insist on our business belief : Accompany with customers to create a wonderful future
Customer designs are sincerely welcome.movement toys suppliers China

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  milling machine part manufacturers
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 13 minut(y) temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

Xiamen Xinchuanghui Industry & Trade Co., LTD (C&H) is a high-tech, diversified and international integrated enterprise, integrating the scientific research, manufacture, trade and investment. Our company was founded in 2001.
We specialize in automation machine, CNC machining parts,precision tooling fixture,mechanical parts with various material.C&H successively invested in 130 sets production equipments including CNC machining centers, milling machines,turning lathes,wire EDM cutting machines,grinding machiens,welding machines etc.
Since established, we have been enjoying a high reputation in domestic market based on our high-tech group and excellent services. We own a sound market network and establish wonderful cooperation with well-known enterprises, such as Xiamen Airline,Miscrosoft,Littel,TPK,Tianma etc. At the same time, our products are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Russia and the other more than 20 countries. All those produce extensive effect and help us establish the important position in the world.
C&H always insist on 5C for all customers. That is Commitment, Competence, Comprehension, Communication, Credibility and Capability. We strictly follow ISO9001:2008 quality control,carry out the company policy of "Customer Satisfaction, Quality Products, Team Work, Aggressive and Creative". We purse the unity of customers, staff, company and the society.

milling machine part manufacturers

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  steering pump for sale
Napisane przez: fangzhefang - 14 minut(y) temu - Forum: Pytania - Brak odpowiedzi

Zhengzhou Zhize Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2005, located in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, near to the Yutong bus company . now we have more than 20 professional staffs and 2000 square meters for warehouse .
Our main business scopes are China bus spare parts , such as for bus of YUTONG, HIGER, KINGLONG, ZHONGTONG, JAC, GODLEN DRAGON, YOUNGMAN , SUNLONG ...... Now we are the agency of bus parts for YUTONG, KINGLONG, HIGER AND ZHONGTONG , also the agency of QIJIANG TRANSMISSION PARTS .
Our products have exported to Africa, Middle east, South east Asia, Latin America and have won a good reputation in customers’ market. Sincerely hope to cooperate with you and achieve mutual benefit . steering pump for sale

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